Respite services are provided to support individuals on a
short-term basis due to the absence or need for relief of those non
paid caregivers normally providing care. This service is available as follows:

  • Services provided for individuals in their own home, or the
    home of a relative,friend, or other family.
  • Services provided in a Medicaid certified Nursing
    Facility, or a licensed Personal Care Home.

Respite services are available through the Aging Waiver Program.
Room and board  costs associated with respite care services that are provided in a facility approved (licensed or accredited) by the state that is not a private residence are reimbursable. Respite services furnished in a participant’s home can be provided in either a quarter hour or shift.

Respite services may also be provided in a long-term care facility on a per diem basis. Respite services may be provided by a relative
or family member as long as the relative or family member is not a legal guardian, power of attorney, or residing in the home.

For additional information please contact our
Intake Worker at 570-253-4262.