Anyone seeking placement in a nursing facility or community
residential facility may receive assistance and information from
the Wayne County Area Agency on Aging. Those who will need financial help
from Medical Assistance for nursing facility care or from Supplemental Security
Income for personal or assisted living care must be referred to the Agency for a
level of care determination. Area Agency on Aging staff specializing in long-term care
will assist the family to determine the most appropriate, least restrictive level
of care. This process is known as Pre-Admission Assessment and together
with financial eligibility determination seeks to assure the best long-term
option for Wayne County residents.

Changes brought about by OBRA (the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation
Act) require the identification of individuals with special needs who are
seeking admission to a nursing facility. The Agency provides a
specialized assessment of targeted individuals—those with mental health
developmental disabilities, or other similar conditions, to
determine the most appropriate community care setting.

As part of the long-term care continuum, the Agency is able to provide
assistance to anyone in the community seeking information about
facilities and agencies in our area who provide long-term care.
Additionally, the Agency can assist nursing facility eligible consumers to
remain in their own homes by arranging community-based services to defer or
delay nursing facility placement. The Pennsylvania Department of Aging Medical
Assistance Waiver Program may be able to help financially appropriate nursing
eligible seniors who choose to remain in their homes. The OPTIONS Program
through the Agency is an array of long-term care choices based on assessment by
one of our professional Care Managers and establishment of a care plan with the
consumer and his or her family. This allows seniors to share in the cost of
services actually needed verses the cost of placement in a nursing home. When
assets are spent down, the eligible consumer continues needed care under the
Waiver. All of these programs and services are arranged through our
knowledgeable care management staff.

Other long-term care choices are available in our area. Further
information about these and other placement options can be obtained
by calling the Wayne County Aging Office at 570-253-4262.