Agency/Business: Congressman Tom Marino

Address: 181 West Tioga Street Suite 2

Name: Cathy Romaniello

Title/Degree: District Representative


Phone/Extension: 570-836-8020

Cell: 570-337-5948


Short Bio for introduction: Have 9 years experience working between the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Best method of contact: e-mail

Title/Topic of Presentation: Working for a Congressman

Description: I will discuss the every day experiences working for a Congressman, and also discuss a bit of a day with a congressman!

Other Title/Topic of Presentation: A Congressman’s Day!


Audience/Age preference:

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  • Teens:
  • Adults: X
  • Seniors:
  • All:

Preferred presentation day:

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  • Monday:
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